Our Story

Hiking is the best free activity that anyone could ask for.

We decided to open this store after years of traveling and backpacking in South America, Europe, and the USA. We try to use every vacation we get, whether it’s a holiday or a long weekend, to explore and experience new places. Prepping for each trip is always exciting. Each place is unique and challenging in its own way - and so is the required gear. In our first few outdoor experiences, we understood that what you pack might affect your experience. We found out that buying cheaper gear might result in a cold, wet night or cold food on your plate.

Ok, we get it. Trying to save some money over our sleeping and cooking gear wasn't the best idea so we headed to the nearby specialized hiking store.

What we found must be old news for you. Hiking gear stores’ markup is huge, around 80% - 100%. Now don’t get us wrong, we like visiting these stores every once in awhile, but we just can’t afford it.

Paying so much for good quality gear almost changed our life motto and made us wonder - Is hiking really a free activity?

So we decided to skip the pricey, good looking, brand name outdoor stores and go on a different adventure - find where all of this gear is actually coming from and how we can enjoy quality equipment for a reasonable price.

For over a year, we visited different vendors’ stores, websites, and workshops. Our goal was to create a backpacking kit with high-quality products, neglecting fancy brand names, for 40% less than what we used to pay in the big outdoor chains.

We checked the prospective gear ourselves and after coming up with the perfect packing list, we decided on creating Mochilero.

Our Name:

Being so heavily influenced by our travels abroad, we chose the name Mochilero, which means backpacker in Spanish.

Our Community:



 As we witnessed our community getting bigger and stronger, we decided to expand and share it with the rest of the beloved hiking community. And so we founded Mochilero.co - a limited collection of quality outdoor equipment, tested by real backpackers, which will leave some change in your pocket for a cold beer on your next adventure!

Mochilero started as a community group for our friends and family - allowing them to access the affordable outdoor gear we collected and suggest more from their thought-out packing lists.

As part of the extended Mochilero community, we always want to hear from you. Is there a product you want and we don't have? Let us know