Quick, Compact, Efficient - Flash Cooking System

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Compact High Heating Efficiency: Star cooking system born to provide high heating efficiency. Adopting heat exchanger tech, the efficiency is improved above 30%. Used unique base metal butt welding technology for the pot body, insulated with Sponge contribute to reduce heat loss and protect your hand from burning metal. High windproof and no need for a windscreen. Boils water in 3-4 mins!

Cooking System: Stove base, pot with heat exchanger, TPE cover, fabric sleeve, pot support and stabilizer (included). The fuel sold separately (Not included in the package).


  • POT SUPPORT AND STABILIZER INCLUDED: Multi-use pot support can be suitable for various cookers. The stabilizer is double slid design, more stable and compatible to 110g/ 230g/450g gas tank. 


  • PIEZO IGNITION & FIXED LOCK HANDLE: With Piezo Ignition, you can fire it very easily. With the fixed lock handle, it's easy to hold the pot even if it's full of water.


  • MATERIAL: Aluminum Alloy.